Tuesday, April 26, 2016

My Body Is Ready!

By body I mean industrial corporation and its ready for the Citadel expansion coming tomorrow that is...

Assuming there is no surprises in the Astrahus BPO tomorrow after the patch goes live, I'll be ready to kick off production as soon as I can transport the blueprint to the manufacturing station I'm using. I have the parts for two citadels ready, parts for a third will be ready tonight, and a fourth just needs me to build the Market Hubs components which takes a couple days. An Astrahus build takes about 5.5 days for TE0.

The dreadnought production changes almost caught me off guard, but someone reported the changes last week on Reddit just as I was buying minerals so I canceled my plans to build a Moros until I can verify build requirements and diverted the minerals to the Astrahus production lines.

Current estimate of build cost of a Medium Astrahus Citadel for me is about 950 million ISK. I'm hoping to get to market fast enough to get massive profits for the early buyers desperate to get citadels out. Long term I want to aim for a 10-20% margin profit.

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