Thursday, March 10, 2016

Project Vulcan - Set Course For Astrahaus

Last week I ruminated about Citadels and if I was going to invest in them and after comments on my post and talking to people both in and out of corp I've decided to make a go of it for nothing else than to say I tried.

I started laying down the plans of what needed to be accomplished prior to the Citadel expansion even going live in order to be able to build Medium Citadels, aka Astrahauses.

- I need access to Structure blueprints, either copies or originals, in order to start building the structure components.

- I need the Structure Construction (currently Outpost Construction) skill on my building alt which requires Anchoring skill at level V of all things. If the expansion comes faster than expected, or the skill needs to be at  a high level, I might have to invest in a skill injector or two.

- I need to stockpile some planetary interaction materials and minerals

And some things I need to find out:

- Confirm I can build Astrahauses in high sec stations
- Find out when exactly the expansion is scheduled for release

I plan to build three out of the gate and see how the process flows and if it is worth integrating into my build projects full time.

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