Thursday, March 17, 2016

Blogging and Me

I've noticed a downtrend in my blogging even though my time in EVE is still about the same as it was previously. I'm still getting out in space and PvPing, building capitals, and now planning on building Astrahaus citadels. But my fervor for writing here has suffered lately.

Part of it is that the game has changed so much from when I was top of things that I no longer feel much like an expert in anything anymore. I barely recognize some of the null sec entities fighting over... whatever it is these days. And locally the war with Caldari Militia has died down to barely-there status. No pushes, no resistances to speak of.

So basically the only thing I feel qualified and invested in to speak of lately has been my small industrial business which is gearing up for citadel product but that is still over a month away.

So I'm going to briefly talk about other games I've been playing that require less time to sit down and enjoy than a good PvP session of EVE Online does.

World of Warships and Tanks

Two of my sons love World of Tanks and to a lesser extend World of Warships. The longevity of the former for our family is a simple truth: it doesn't change much in execution even as new tanks and functionality are added constantly. The basic premise of get-in-tank-and-drive is the same now as it was back in 2011 and still just as fun although not as deep as EVE's PvP.

I prefer the slower pace and big ships of World of Warships but don't mind getting in a division with my son when time permits.

Dominions 4

Been playing multiplayer with friends from work and single player at home. Very different game obviously but has the advantage of loading fast and letting me play a few turns in a few minutes, unlike something similar like CivV which takes all the same time to load.

This game is scratching an itch but no plans to delve into further than that.

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada (BETA)

I used to play Battlefleet Gothic on the tabletop back in the day before kids destroyed my free time so when I saw that a PC game was coming out I knew I had to sample that stuff. I was expecting an experience like World of Warships in space but I was mistaken, its incredibly just like the table top game where online play against other players is 1v1 with each having multiple ships in a fleet.

We'll have to see if this game is good enough for a long term investment but I'm enjoying it a lot right now.


  1. Dominions is up to 4 now? I didn't realize that. I bought 1, vaguely remember when 2 came out, but didn't upgrade to it, and now they're up to 4. Good on them!

  2. You're in the Beta for BFG, when did they even announce a Beta!?!

    As for your slightly drifting feelings, they're common, I think. The changes are developing are so wild that they're not really 'Eve' traditionally. Still, having played around with them, I'm seriously impressed.

  3. Anonymous10:25 am

    You play Dominions! I did a couple of blog posts on it back in the day. Absolutely love that game. They did a great job with 4 making it look shiny and polishing up the core gameplay from three. If you ever have a spot open in your multiplayer games, I would love to join in.

    Also - BFG is coming to PC?! I didn't know that. Will have to check it out, especially if its a tabletop port.

  4. I feel the same way and I've been struggling lately to figure out what to blog about. The landscape of how Eve develops around us has changed so much and so rapidly that it feels like a constant case of catch-up. Just as I get used to something it goes and changes again. I haven't even had a chance to try these need grapple-thingies yet. lol

    So I've been working on evolving into different areas and focusing on different aspects of the experience more than the mechanics, if that makes any sense. Obviously, it has always been a little easier for me, if I can't think of anything to write I just post a wallpaper or something. :)