Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Attempted Kidknapping

In Sunday's fleet I was once again in my Magus Command Destroyer and we were getting ready to engage an enemy fleet in our home system of Fliet. The enemy was in system and we were about to undock when one of our scouts reported "I've found the hostile link character, a Claymore [Tech II Minmatar Command Ship] on the Actee gate." The Fleet Commander asked for someone to try and use the Jump Field Generator to try and steal it off gate and kill it.

I volunteered.

I hopped into my Magus named "The Transporter" and as our fleets engaged I moved in on that Claymore and actived my jump drive.

WHOOSH! Success! My target and I were 100 km off gate! I locked him and activated my scram but either I spazzed out of range (sentry gun fire had me rattled) or he was stabbed, as he warped off. Nevertheless, the move was successful in disrupting their links at least for a few seconds and giving our side a minor advantage.

As that engagement ran down a Shadow Cartel fleet showed up with Guardian logi support. As we engaged I worked on getting a warp in on their logi, and ended up only 15 kilometers off. I moved in and again activated the jumper but this time while I appeared 100 km off, the guardians stayed put, an example of self-scramming defense.

Oh well, two attempts at kidknapping and one actually almost worked.

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  1. A couple weeks back I tried this on a couple ships outside our station with a Magus. I'd never done it before, so it was practice as much as anything. It took me three tries to get it right, but eventually I was able to grab everyone in a single jump and we killed both ships. It is certainly an interesting tactic to have on our toolbox now.