Friday, February 26, 2016

Working as Intended

CCP Quant on twitter (thankfully not horrid Reddit for a change) released an infographic on Skill Trading.
Click here for full image

The very first graph on the graphic shows that in the first 36 hours of skill trading 14 billion skill points were lost through diminishing returns, i.e. 500K were extracted but not the full 500K was injected because it did not go into a very young character.

Holy brain drain Batman!

But I'd like to focus on two graphs farther down:

This first graph of Skillpoints Before versus After shows that most of the injections took place on characters below the 100 million points level, and most of the injectors injected less than ten million SP. Its hard to tell as the points are too dense to differentiate between one injection and several. But I suspect what we're seeing is a lot of people topping off core skills that they don't need to advance into new tech but want to get anyways. #GetRidOfCoreSkills

On this graph of "Skillpoints Before vs Injected Amount" we get a better view that more of the injection was done by players below 50 million skill points and the injected amount was in the majority below 10 million points, and I'd wager below 5 million points as well.

What this inforgraphic starts to demonstrate is the movement of the average skill points value for all new pilots in New Eden down for the first time in the game's history. It represents younger pilots catching up faster on older pilots than ever before.

If I was CCP, I'd call this feature working as intended. Now, if I could only convince them to drop the core skills...

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