Monday, February 01, 2016

After Action Report - I didn't Want That Proteus Anyways

I don't often talk about my PvP efforts on this blog but last night was a great night for the fleet so here is the After Action Report from last night:

Last night I called for Black Ops again to improve on the issues we experienced last week and right out the gate I want to say we were much better organized and successful, despite fewer targets of opportunity this week. 
We formed up with a nice core of Nemesis Stealth Bombers and a few recons, and two Proteus cruisers. was cyno baiting in a Myrmidon and I had my alt out in a Rupture again. In order to free up my main for another proteus  assigned an alt to Black Ops jump portal duty. 
Our first drop was on a Shadown Cartel Myrmidon in Vifrevaert (role reversal!) and as the cyno wore down we caught a snooping Harbinger and killed it just as his friends in a BC fleet arrived. Everyone got out fine except for me, since we were fighting at the Sun and I tried multiple times to warp out... to the sun. FAIL. So my proteus was destroyed in an otherwise perfect couple of ganks. Oh well. 
As we reset in Fliet on the pig  and  (in a Breacher scouting) engaged a Templis frigate fleet in Abune that they spent 13 minutes destroying (at one point for the last Harpy we needed to send   over to help finish it off as it killed all of  drones). 
Later, my alt was back in Tama and hanging out 100 km off station looking juicy and after a few sniffs a trio of neutrals in dessies burns towards me, lead by a Magus command destroyer. He jumps me (for whatever reason, I dunno, to get farther from sentries?) and I point him. I tried to make sure I had a good point before lighting the cyno as I didn't want him to get away once I was immobilized, but by the time I lit the beacon and the Riders of Rohan came in I had almost solo killed it (Open with the late web and the other two got away :( However, they came back in a Corax, Caracal, and Phantasm which we killed (Open lost his Astero though) and the Phantasm kill was quite juicy: 
It was getting late and the number of target to drop on was low so we went back to Fliet and reshipped straight up into Armour Destroyer fleet with 4 frig logi. We went back towards Nagamemen and got into a fight in Oto against some neutrals at the sun killing 7 ships including two Hecates, a Vexor, and a battle Nereus. We then went up to Tama, found nothing, and while heading home to Fliet we crossed paths with a CalMil dessie hull fleet including a few Tactical Destroyers. We had about equal numbers, maybe we had a few more, but we had Logi and they did not. We played cat and mouse a couple times with both sides trying to get a favourable engagement and finally in Deven they were 100 km off and burned in fast on us and started shooting at two of our logi. 
Fortunately, without weapon timers and right on the gate they (Ash and Nyjil) jumped into Fliet, repped each other, and jumped back. Meanwhile we lit up the enemy fleet (good job Griffin hunters) and blew up four tactical destroyers and a Bifrost command destroyer. An amazing result for a fight that could have gone badly. 
Big thanks to all the important pieces that allowed the fleets to work so well, and a big thanks to the GalMil Bros from RDRAW, Red Horde Rising, and Spaceship Bebop would dropped into Mumble and joined us! Overall an amazing night for the fleet.

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  1. Agreed, Kirith, it was a really fun fleet! It was nice to have some old familiar faces in fleet too.