Monday, December 21, 2015

Adventures in Attempted Kidnapping

Last couple weeks the weekly Aideron Fleet I've been FCing has made use of a couple of Magus Command Destroyers for both warfare linking and the Micro Field Jump Generator (aka "cancer" to some bitter vets who lose their Alliance Tournament cruisers on stations because they are bads).

I've been flying one in our destroyer fleets with Ashterothi of Hydrostatic and High Drag podcasts flying the other. We've not had a successful kidnapping in one of my fleets but the tactical flexibility and options presented by the jumpers certainly expands the roams in a way that is both terrifying and exciting.

One example is where we tried to land our fleet on a few cruisers floating on the undock in Heydieles and spirit them away from the docking range, but we were off on our warp in and they quickly docked.

Another example is where a Tornado landed at a perch 200km away from us on a gate and we tried the double jump but I was the second jump and was off the mark and landed up 50km off the battlecruiser instead of closer. Oh well. Practice practice practice.

A third example is where we warped the fleet to a Large complex where a hostile fleet was near and I was going to attempt to pull them apart but they warped off as we were landing. Another time we were hunkering down in a plex with a larger Shadow Cartel T3Dessie fleet hunting us and I moved us off with the idea that if they chased us we could use the jumper to try and pull them farther out for a gank, but they never came in.

So close, yet so far. Someday we'll pull off a successful kidnapping, but I'm afraid there won't be a ransom... only a corpse.

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  1. I successfully bounced us to a Stabber the other day. He thought he was safe sitting 100km off the gate. We landed 3km off him. He was seen afterwards plaintively asking "how did you get on top of me so fast?"

    I also kidnapped an assault frig off our undock which was another fun kill.

    We also had a spectacular howler. We called for scrams down then I spooled up. Some derp wasn't listening. I jumped my gang 100km off the gate leaving behind a vastly amused Ferox who warped off chuckling.