Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Warship Wednesday - The Konigsberg

God, the tier IV KMS Karlsruhe is terrible.

The German ship has firepower only slightly better than the tier IV Russian destroyer, with a shell velocity measured around Atrocious speed so the flight time of salvos take forever, making it nearly impossible to even take on destroyers at any range beyond 6 kilometers.

I hate that ship. Fortunately, as bad as it is it leads to the deliciously wonderful tier V Konigsberg cruiser, a ship as awesome as the Karlsruhe is terrible.

I had a chance to test drive the Konigsberg prior to the release of the German cruiser line and I loved the ship then, and after a few battles I can report I'm still very pleased with it. Whereas the Karlsruhe could only sling 5 shells in a broadside in a high arc towards a target, the Konigsberg can bring all 9 barrels to bear and the shell velocity is so much better, allow me to cripple destroyers with ease. To complement the improved artillery, it sports twice as many torpedoes with a 6 km range and higher speed and damage.

The ship has a nice top speed of 32.9 knots and a decent rudder shift time, but it slows down a lot on the turns. On top of that, it has less than stellar AA capabilities, and it takes engine damage from strong language.

Overall it adds up to a more fragile and less damage-dealing Cleveland cruiser, which is not a bad thing. I will probably keep this ship in my port even after I unlock the tier VI Nurnberg.

In other news, I regretted giving up on the Bogue a couple weeks ago and decided to give it another try, this time in strike configuration (no fighters, 1 torp, 2 bombers). If it doesn't work out, I'll go back to ruining the life of other carriers with fighters. I just need to get to the Independence, only another 20K experience to go....


  1. I had some battles with the Zuiho against Bogue and it's really no fun without fighters and only getting off one or two torp salvos before you are without planes.
    So with my Bogue (still stock, just bought it) I will probably stick with stock planes. That will give me at least one fighter and one torp bomber.

  2. I tried the 1/0/1 stock loadout for a few tries but found the lack of planes so frustrating.

    Last night running the strike loadout I had one amazing (for the Bogue) game where I only got a could torp hits but 14 bomb hits and 1100 exp, but the second game two hostile carriers against my one (the other friendly carrier stayed still and got found by a DD early) meant I could not do much. Having only 3 replacement planes for my torp bomber squadron SUCKS!