Friday, November 06, 2015

The Capital Battlefield

"Siege is green, siege is green."

In space the mighty Moros and Revelation Dreadnoughts activated their weapon systems to maximum damage mode and targeted the quiet infrastructure hub just kilometers away.

"Carriers, maintain perimeter patrol," the fleet commander instructed. The four Thanatos pilots launched their light fighter squadrons and sent them to opposite direction of the grid. The fighters were loaded out for killing any surprise sub cap ships that warped in at range to scout the fleet.

"Local spike!" someone on comms announced.

"Cyno ship get ready."

"Roger," the Dominix pilot replied.

"Enemy fleet on short scan, looks like Cerbs and Basis!"

The Heavy Assault Cruisers arrived on the grid with a smattering of pops, only twenty of them supported by 5 Basilisk logistics and a Rook Recon cruiser. The supporting friendly sub-cap fleet, a kitchen sink assortment of a few battleships, battlecruisers, cruisers, and frigates, about 30 all told started to move in the direction of the hostile fleet but they were almost 100 km off. Flares of heavy missiles started to streak from the Cerberus cruisers towards the ships.

"Carriers, get your fighters on those logi!"

The carriers' fighter squadrons converged on the distant Basilisk wing, trying to break the reps and weaken the enemy fleet's ability to absorb damage.

Suddenly the call went out, "Red cyno up!" and the hulking form of ten Moros Dreadnoughts appeared in support of the Cerberus fleet. The fleet commander watched in anticipation for any sign the mighty war engines were entering siege mode. Then he saw it and smiled.

"Light the cyno!" the fleet commander ordered. The Dominix pilot, sitting on pins and needles waiting for this command, hands shaking from adrenaline, moved his mouse over the icon and pressed it. "Cyno is lit!" he cried.

The enemy Moros began firing on one of the Thanatos carriers and its hitpoints dropped dramatically as its shields were metled away. "I need reps now!" Booms reverberated over the grid as friendly capitals arrived, 7 Dreadnoughts consisting of various Revelations, Moros, Phoenixes, and Nidhoggurs, an Avatar Titan, a Wyvern Super Carrier, and 4 Caliban1 Force Auxilliaries.

The newly arrived Calibans dropped into triage mode without needing a command and sent the streams of hit point restoring beams onto the beleaguered Thanatos just as she was entering structure. The Wyvern pilot fired his remote neutralizer weapon into the middle of the Basilisk wing to disrupt their cap chains and sent his light fighters in support of the carriers' fighters. The Titan fired its Pike dooomsday and sliced two enemy dreadnoughts in half, and then targeted the next enemy Dreadnought with its capital lasers.

"They're doomed," the fleet commander mused.

1 - Made up place holder name


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