Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Down but not Out

Friday I woke up with a stiff neck.

As the day wore on, the stiffness got worse and turned into actual stabbing pain when I turned one way or the other due to a muscle in my left side of my neck.

That evening at home, my beloved smartphone took an unexpected dive from the upstairs to the basement, cracking the screen beyond repair.

Woke up Saturday with still a painful neck. Decided I needed my exercise by jogging for 5 km (something I do three times a week so no big deal) thinking my neck is not needed for running and then spent Saturday night in various types of agony.

Sunday was worse.

Monday I was in less pain but still unable to turn my head, so a visit to the doctor was scheduled (free because Canada) and he tells me I have Torticollis, basically a pinched nerve from bad sitting habits in my job. Some drugs and recommended physiotherapy and I should be back to normal soon.

Feeling better today except headache from tensing my neck so hard last few days, and OH look! A canker on the side of my tongue making talking painful.

On the upside, got lots of sick days with work and a new Galaxy S6 phone.

Long story short, blogging will be light while I recuperate.


  1. Try getting a proper deep tissue massage or see an Osteopath. Physios (at least in Australia) are kinda crap.

  2. Take care of yourself. You deserve it.


  3. Get well soon. Make sure you change your workplace habits whether it's a new chair or stretching your legs once per hour.