Friday, October 09, 2015

Star Map Functionality: Too Freaking Long

When CCP released the Beta Star Map last December I was happy the map was getting love but not impressed:
So, to clarify my position in more than 140 or less characters, yes it is great that they are finally working on the map. As long as they continue to work on it and enhance it to the point where it exists as a viable option for pilots of numerous roles to use instead of Dotlan maps, I will be happy.
But I'm not going to cheer for CCP for the beta maps that (a) do not go far enough and (b) should have been started over 5 years ago. It would be like rewarding my kids for finally picking up a mess of toys after ignoring it for hours since I asked them to clean it up. Everyone knew the map sucked yet it was left to languish to the detriment of many a pilot, both new and old.
Do not mistake my position as not supportive because I am one of CCP's biggest fans. Nor do not tar me with a brush of "whining" or "bitching" because I had the temerity to suggest we hold off our congratulations for the finished map product. I will not give out kudos where they are not deserved until the in game map provides the complete functionality we need.
That is not a bar too high to hold CCP to.
The responses to that reaction were from both sides of the issue, some agreeing with me that its about time CCP get to work on the maps and some that said there was no reason to work on the map due to Dotlan Maps being so functional, and a few saying CCP was just starting (Beta!) and give them some time.

Its been 10 months, and the functionality of the "beta" star map has not insinuated itself into my normal play. Admittedly, I have not tried to make use of it as Dotlan on another monitor continues to satisfy all my needs.

Then I saw this on EVE Updates tentatively scheduled for this Winter:

This makes me insanely happy and extremely frustrated.

This functionality of the directional scanner has been desperately needed for the 9 years I've been playing (admittedly the F11 map had a 2D version that worked half-ass-edly) and to see it finally manifesting itself in game is great, but we need more than this. When I'm not in the map doing tight directional scans I want to see the circle representing my cone on the screen! Is this so hard? Gah.

Making the map awesome in game is taking too freaking long.

Yeah yeah yeah, dotlan maps, other priorities, nice they are getting to it, the usual responses.

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