Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My New Tattoo

This post is unrelated to EVE or gaming except for it involves the wonderful Rixx Javix. Feel free to move on if you are not interested :)

When I was young and foolish (i.e. 21) I got a terrible little tattoo on my back after being called a wimp by my then-girlfriend Mrs Kodachi. I don't regret the act of getting the tattoo but more that I picked a terrible piece to get done. But while it was a foolish thing to do, I always liked having a tattoo, it made me feel unique.

Fast forward twenty years.

I was doodling one day last winter and used the first initials of my boys' first names to make a heart design. Unfortunately I don't have the original pencil sketch but here it is hastily coloured from my phone note app:

My wife and I liked the idea and talked about getting a tattoo of this design as it really means something to us and will forever (NO REGRATS, right?). Being busy we didn't make any movement on this front until this summer when my neighbour showed a huge arm tattoo he got at a new place in town where I live and raved about the artist that ran the place. Spurned on by the amazing artwork my neighbour had, I reached out to on twitter to first Mynxee and then Rixx Javix about taking my scratching and turning it into something worth putting on my body.

He came back with this:
He's so awesome, that guy.

Anyway, couple weeks ago I went into the tattoo parlour and asked questions, got an estimate, and made an appointment to get the work done. And today was the day!

All Done!
Thanks Rixx!It looks awesome.


  1. Wow that really turned out great my friend. I knew how important this was to you and I'm really pleased that I was able to do it for you. And now you will always have a piece of me on your... what is that, your arm? lol

  2. Tattoos can be very private (I have some myself), so I didn't want to ask when you first hinted at it, but I was curious what Rixx designed for you.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Very nice tattoo, I want to do it too, but another image, I prefer the frog because this amphibian is suggested to be a sign of new life, transformation, revival and longevity. I found it in http://thewildtattoo.com/frog-tattoos/ and you can find there many another tattoos! :)

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