Monday, September 28, 2015

This and That

Several small topics I want to comment on but not worthy of a whole blog post.

* * * * *

CCP is giving brand new players 400,000 skill points to start (assigned in skills) instead of the current 50,000. I don't think it goes far enough, personally, as I wrote last year in a post called Unnecessary Limitations:

I encourage CCP to look into getting rid of the support skill grind. Level the playing field for new players by putting those bonuses they provide right into the ships and modules from the start and just remove the skills. Alternatively, start all players with a few million skill points and all the support skills trained to IV or V (preferably the latter). There are a zillion ways veterans have advantages in terms of ISK for faction mods, implants, boosters as well as the sheer experience advantage, so penalizing new players with lower stats adds insult to injury.
Nevertheless, I applaud the first step. 

* * * * * 

Our home system of Fliet has seen a lot of action recently as Cal Mil pushes a few systems. Last night I led a defense/deplex fleet and saw some bouts of action which got us some sweet kills including a Cerberus and a Jackdaw with deadpsace faction mods coming out to about 170 million ISK. Of course, neither deadspace module dropped.

* * * * *

I love this artwork from CCP of the internals of a Navy Comet.

Takes me back to my days writing the Fighting Spacecraft articles for Project Athena and looking at the models and trying to make real engineering sense out of them. Hope to see more of these.


  1. I cannot begin to describe how much we disagree on the SP thing... I really really can't. I don't EVER want to see any kind of 'level playing field' between newbs and vets... and you know why?


    Think you don't like how some of the playerbase act now? Just wait... you have no idea how bad it can be.

  2. I agree with skill points, but I want that everyone get 400k additional points. May seem a bit unfair to some. In the end, I wish CCP worked on skillbook system. As a wormhole player it's pain in the ass not to be able to train stuff because I don't get a good exit or when I do, I don't have time or remember to buy my skillbooks.

    1. Oh good lord...

      Living in a hole is a CHOICE. Don't like that we don't have market hubs? Go live in Empire. Seriously... you love the freedom, lack of cops and solitude but don't like that long crazy drive to the store... move to town. What a truly crappy reason to want 'free' SP man.

      And I've lived in Anoikis for 4.5+ years, and never ever had an issue with getting whatever I wanted... books, ammo, mods, hulls... but you either accept the not-so-much-fun-stuff with the OMG-fun-stuff... or just simply don't.

  3. time to delete my never trained Alts, and rebirth them