Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Warship Wednesday - Hidden Stats

Or: How The Fuso Battleship Went From Horrible to Awesome!

Last week I said goodbye to the stellar tier V IJN Kongo battleship and moved into the tier VI Fuso battleship... and was promptly left aghast. In my first battle I looked at a target in binocular mode and was floored when I saw my range of my artillery was only 13 km. This was a huge shock after the Kongo with its almost 20km range plus the boost from a scout plane to get me to around 24 km.

Turns out the stock Fuso has range worse than the tier IV Myogi.

If you look at the ship's modules and hover over the Fire Control System, you see its firing range is 13.2 km, and if you work your way up to the second Fire Control System, it gets a slight improvement to 14.5 km.

I resigned myself to being a short range brawler and started working on the experience for the second hull of the Fuso and last night I got. I strapped myself in, got in a match, and WHOA! Almost 19km range?!?! HOW?!

Turns out, there are some hidden stats that you need to dig for. Under the modules the second hull of the Fuso looks like this:

It gives a +9 rating improvement to artillery over the stock hull but doesn't say why. However, if you look at the right side where you can view specifics of the weapons and modules on your ship we see this for the stock hull:

If you hover over the module for the upgraded hull on the left side of the screen while having the Artillery section expanded on the right side you see the hidden stat increase:
See that? The upgraded hull gives an additional 6.6 km to the main battery firing range (probably for the badass super structure upgrade), and that's without the second fire control system's 10% bonus which might be another 2 km on top of that. Plus the spotting plane. MUHAHAHAHA


  1. I heard that the german line is coming and the tier 8 Bismarck

    1. Yep, slated for October if the news is to be believed, and the sister BB Tripitz is rumoured to be the tier VIII Premium ship.

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