Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Warship Wednesday - Open Beta Tomorrow

Finally, Open Beta beckons. I've been anxiously awaiting it since its the last server wipe of progress for everyone and I'm eager to get to work on my "forever" fleet of ships and captains instead of the current motely crew of "oopsies" captain skills and abandoned tech tree attempts.

My main focus will be getting back to the IJN Amagi battleship, my currently favourite ship to send into battle.

I expect it to be a long slog with the normal experience and credit gains in open beta, but fortunately I am fond of the Fuso and Nagato battleships prior to it.

The secondary tree I plan to work on is the IJN carrier line as I really enjoy them, and I'll probably have the IJN cruisers and destroyers on standby for a while. Not sure at this point if I will work on USN ships, although I love the American cruisers. Perhaps I'll work towards a Cleveland for fun.

If you plan to play and have questions, please email me! kkodachi

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