Monday, June 01, 2015

Night Of Ganks

Last night was the first time in 3 weeks I was able to get online and participate in PvP, much less be a Fleet Commander for one. So I felt a fair amount of rust when I assembled the fleet of armour destroyers (Glorious Algos Fleet Unite!) and set out looking for adventure.

It felt like the warzone was pretty quiet for the two hours we were roaming around but we racked up a number of quick little kills where we would stumble across a war target or pirate. A neutral Vexor in a plex where we were trying to get some war targets; a war target Vexor on a gate with Tech II rigs; a pirate bait Prophecy that was not quite ready to bait; and a juicy pirate Hyperion that tried to get some kills with a Cruor buddy on a plex entrance (which worked on our Svipul) but couldn't get away from the cavalry.

Then things heated up in Nagamanen when a kitchen sink TEMPLIS Cal Mil fleet came in and set up in a medium plex.

We outnumbered them and had a handful of logi frigs to their none, but they stood their ground as we warped in and we had a good rumble where we cleaned their clocks. Mad props to them, I was in structure and smoking when we tipped the balance of DPS versus reps.

After that we hunted Twitch streamer Fintarue of High Drag podcast fame as he was flying around in a Vigilant, but it was getting late and some ex-Cal Mil pirates came knocking in 5 Caracals that the math suggested we would not survive against, so I took the fleet home and stood down.

Tally stands at 17 kill mails and 0 losses, I'll take it! Good night to shake the rust off.

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