Monday, June 22, 2015

Learning the Hard Way

This June I broke my record for most associated killmails in a month, sitting at 62 with another week to go.

But I can't take credit for it. Last night alone I got on 33 kills, which I'm pretty sure is a record for me for a night's pvp activity, regardless of whether I was FCing or not.

Regardless, I can't take credit for it.

We were running in my favourite Rogue Squadron flavour, Algos with frigate logistics, about 10 destroyers and 4 logi and a couple tackle, when our scout in Sujarento reported a similarly sized war target kitchen sink fleet of frigates and destroyers in a small complex.

I ordered the fleet to jump in and we assault the small complex. The fight was vicious and short as our logi proved to be the deciding factor, killing 10 enemy ships and losing a Slicer and an Algos.

We went back to base and dropped off loot and reshipped. Fifteen minutes later we tried to make it to Tama again and found the same group of war targets in Sujarento in the same small complex, again in a kitchen sink frigate and destroyer fleet.


The outcome was 13 enemy ships destroyed and we lost 2 Algos and 1 Navitas.

We went back, reshipped again, came back... and they same enemy in the same kitchen sink fleet and the same small complex was there in Sujarento AGAIN! We rolled up and went in guns blazing a third time, resulting in 13 more dead Calmil for 1 Algos and 1 Navitas.

I'm not going to sit here and back-seat FC what the CalMil fleet was thinking. I'll give them props for standing and fighting a fleet that had logi and beat them already that night. Perhaps they were testing something out, perhaps they were just having a fun suicide fleet, or perhaps it was some newbies out getting some experience of fighting under fire and learning how to die.

Operation Meatshield: I salute you. See you in space.


  1. Never question from whence the gift horse cometh.

  2. Fear is the joy killer.
    You are flying spaceships made of pixels that someone else actually owns.
    Death is temporary.
    Let go of the fear.

    I will run the fleet from fights I know we cannot hope to win;
    I will attack enemies I know we will crush in victory.

    Fire on the primary.
    ^Says it best^

    Thanks for the compliment. Everyone has to have a first time sooner or later.
    Always good to hear a "different" perspective.

    Neal Schmidt
    Operation Meatshield-Slab