Monday, April 06, 2015

We Will Blot Out The Sun With Our Drones

The warzone is hopping! And not just because its Easter...

Last night I took out the famous (infamous) Aideron Rogue Squadron fleet doctrine and got into some serious trouble... the good kind.

First we were hanging around Nagamanen and while trying to decipher what a war target fleet and some pirates were up to while socializing on the IHUB we were surprised to see the enemy fleet warping to us. The enemy fleet had a couple griffins, 5 merlins, and assorted other ships. We gladly engaged with our own Tristan fleet supported by a few Navitas and our own griffin when suddenly a wild Navy Issue Drake appears! And then a Guardian!

Expecting to get slaughtered as we assumed the faction battlecruiser was fitted with rapid light missile launchers, we redoubled our assault on the frigates to try and remain ISK positive. No glory like Death-Glory! However we were surprised to see our tanks holding and the enemy get vanquished until I ordered points on the Guardian and Drake and we took them out in short order.

Then we looked at the killmail.  Oh my.

On the upside, we got over a hundred million in loot to cart back to base!

Not all the idiots are on the Caldari Militia side though... Later on we went up to Kehjari looking for trouble in our Algos Rogue Squadron fleet and there were intel reports of bad guys mucking about on station (as our brave Navitas scout told us... sigh). We jumped in chasing one war target and I was concerned about a confusing fight under the sentry guns so I had the fleet warp to a medium plex that was open. As we landed outside I did a short scan and saw nothing but Algos destroyers, and I assumed that the ones with no range were just some of my fleet still not on grid yet. "Slide in!" I called.

And we landed inside the plex right on top of the hostile Algos Fleet.

To my credit I didn't freeze but instead accepted we were going to either die or survive and I started calling targets. We started losing our navitas logi wing (three guys and a beer) but as we tore into their DPS ships we tilted the balance in our favour, and even with reinforcements landing from the other side (including a scary Rapid Light Missile Launcher Caracal and a Moa near the end) we managed to hold the field.

Lucky old man.