Friday, March 06, 2015


There has been light blogging this week due to a perfect storm of events. Work has been extremely busy and my wife has been ill laid up for the past few days meaning my time during the day has been a frantic juggle between getting kids to school or Dance classes, cleaning up and/or feeding them, keeping up with work where my job as Scrumlord and Architecture representative are constantly keeping me busy (as well as being a developer)... so yeah, I'm too pooped to pop blogs off.

On the upside, after 9 pm the last two nights I get done all my jobs and can relax with some PvP in EVE, netting some good fights including killing a couple Confessors and a Svipul, the former which prompted this exchange in local:

I was flying the Griffin. Good times...

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  1. It's possible to lose and still feel good about the fight. But not when ECM is involved. I think CCP needs to work on the mechanic so it isn't do frustrating.