Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Archon sales in the restarted Project Vulcan have not been as frequent as I wanted but I'm not too worried as I have started building Thanatos Carriers to diversify the product line and try to avoid a glut on a single product.

One thing I learned from Archon building is that having an ME 10 blueprint is considerable savings but both my Archon BPOs were ME 7. I put one in a lab to get the ME up but that looks like a year long odyssey (and not cheap either) to do in a station public lab. Fortunately I was able to find a reasonable supplier of ME10 BPCs that cost less than the amount I make in cutting mineral costs.

So when I went looking for a Thanatos blueprint I looked only for ME10 BPOs. I found one and it set me back most of my Fiction Content winnings at over 4 billion ISK, but I have it and its mine. First Thanatos comes out in a couple weeks.

Meanwhile I still have two Archons for sale in Placid, comes with free seat cushion (while supplies last).

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