Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Capitalizing the Changes - Interlude

An unknown commenter to my last post left this idea list:
How about we make dreads effective against battleships with improved tracking. Then we make battleship weapons better against all T1/T2/T3 cruisers with improved tracking, or even tightened target sig on lowest tier guns. If need be, we increase the spread between BS target sig and frigate ship sig.
We buff titans by making doomsdays prevent incoming reps to the target, and put some bottom up pressure on motherships either by reducing their locktime and limiting friendly locktime boosts, or give them titan style target restrictions along with skynet. That would also prevent repping escort subcaps. To compensate, we give them augmented fleet booster effects that only apply to standard capitals.
For the sov angle, we make sov level matter. Make sov 5 require being surrounded by sov 4/5 systems and sov 3 by sov 2/3 systems and so on. Only the lowest level systems would be vulnerable to standard entosis. Harassers can whittle away at empires, but not headshot them the day after a particularly long slosh op. Protecting capital shipyards means protecting the periphery, and most of it.
Next, we make dread siege have the same effect as entosis, but with fewer restrictions, able to open up a battlefield in +1-2 sov levels. One dread is just as fast or effective as forty dreads.
We let HP blob bashing remain a viable mechanic, but add four anchorable shield augmentation modules that double all shields. Each augment is only available at successive sov levels, and cost a fortune to operate. Unaugmented POS and structure shield will be made weak enough to be vulnerable to small cruiser gangs. In lowsec and npc null, the owning empire manages the shield augment system to equivalent sov 1/2 effect.
This person has ideas... not sure what to make of them, but definitely has a vision very different from mine.

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