Thursday, February 12, 2015

"The Unicorn I'm Bound to Never Catch"

One of the reasons production on Project Vulcan has slowed down is that some a rather infamous pirate group is living in the area now, you may have heard of them... Cynosaural Field Theory?

Yeah, those guys.

Things were not to bad at first, a couple cyno ship losses and I had to find quieter times to jump in but them things started to get noticeably difficult. I've been a pirate in the past and live in low sec full time on my alt, and I know when someone is actively hunting me. One pilot in particular, Obliquus and his partner (possibly alt) Otodus, were particularly close on a couple occasions. Cynabals, Machariels, Panthers all made appearances.

Part of the break I took these past couple weeks was to let the scent on my trail disperse a little to see if I could get back to business with less worry, but when I went to start up production again the usual suspects were in local, then in station, and I decided to try and sneak out my jump freighter at a later time.

But every time I went to undock, they were there. In local, in station... not always the same pilots but still the Cynosaural Field Theory alliance ticker. I came to decide that it was time to move on to another location... but first I needed to get that Rhea out of low sec.

This morning I thought I had my chance right after downtime. Only one of the bad guys, Otodus, in system and I was hopeful that he would be less attentive. I was alone in station. I scouted the exterior with my alt and undocked, got slowed down enough to hit warp to the high sec gate, and with my hand on Ctrl+Space and my mouse over the station dock button, I nervously waited.

Then my hunter Obliquus came into system. I was almost at speed, 50%, would I make it?

Then one of these undocked:

Something else either undocked or uncloaked or warped in, but I paid no attention as I was spamming ctrl+space and hitting dock dock DOCK!!!! I watched in horror as my jump frieghter bounced and started to fly off from station... and then the sweetest word in the English language were heard: "Docking request accepted."

Heart pounding, I congratulated my hunter in local chat at almost getting me.

Seriously, I'm not undocking again.


  1. I had similar experiences. Luckily for me it was just losing every cyno ship for like 2 weeks. I finally got fed up and moved 1 low sec over and no more losses. They seem to only like to hunt in their station system.

  2. Sounds like you need to get up in the middle of the night or something to get that ship out :) Fun story though; glad you got safely docked. I was always petrified when moving my JF around.

  3. There is a pretty easy way to get rid of these guys: just leave the JF pilot logged in all day in the station. Then they either watch the undock all day because they can't know when you are at the computer or they just give up.

    Alternatively you can undock and cyno your JF to another lowsec system.

  4. Sell it at the station, and purchase a new one at Jita. Even if it means a loss, the time wasted is isk lost.

  5. Fleet up your scout and your freighter pilot, un-dock scout in a frigate with triple webs (Daredevil for bonus points), un-dock freighter, triple web freighter while aligning, ciao bambina.