Thursday, February 05, 2015

Project Vulcan Update: Overstock

Its been a while since I posted about my capital ship building efforts so here we are.

First off the good news: My overall profit before blueprint costs is over 12 billion ISK and my ISK reserve is sitting nicely at 3.75 billion, with mineral and ship assets estimated value at ~6.5 billion. Not to mention 2 billion in investments that should pay off soon.

The bad news is that my sell rate has dropped considerably this past month and right now I've got three Archons on the market I'm trying to sell and I've stopped buying minerals so I don't get even more backlogged product.

Part of the issue I ran into is that I saw someone put two Archons on the market at below production (for me) costs and I snapped them up to resell at a handsome profit, but in the process caused my own ship hulls to start to pile up.

I thought that perhaps the market in Placid region was stalling so I took a look at the graphs and didn't see any noticeably statistically anomalous downturn that would explain the overstock.

While the market is experiencing a lot down the past couple weeks, its not out of the range of normal variance from what I can tell eyeballing it.

So I think the main lesson is to be patient, let my backlogged stock move as it eventually will, and hope that the slower market is not the beginning of a overall cluster wide downturn on capital ships. Maybe its time to investigate the Thanatos market.

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