Monday, January 12, 2015

The State Strikes Back

For most of 2014, I was not afraid of the Caldari Militia. A few individual pilots were known to be capable threats, but the aggregate was not a big concern. If I was running a fleet and ran into a comparable sized Cal Mil fleet, I was pretty confident that they would run or be swept aside if they fought us. I'm not saying that we were exceptionally elite, but we had a sound simple doctrine and a dedicated corps of logistic pilots that were trained and experienced. All things being equal, the side with more qualified logi has the advantage, and that was us hands down for most of 2014.

Things started to change this past fall and last night I got confirmation that this version of CalMil is ready to rumble and needs to be taken more seriously than in the past.

I was leading a fairly sizable Enyo fleet with about 11-12 Enyos, 7 Navitas, and a couple Atrons and me in my celebration Confessor. We setup in a small outpost as we knew there was a large CalMil cruiser fleet in system. They went off and reshipped into a solid countering arty Thrasher fleet with Bantam support. They came into us and we tangled but their superior numbers, excellent logi work, and superior ewar support that I failed to deal with appropriately spanked us pretty hard. And yeah, I lost the Confessor but its OK, I'm space rich.

The Bloc alliance and Templis CALSF are two entities to take seriously right now in the war. I wouldn't have it any other way. Good fight, CalMil, I'll get you next time.

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  1. COME AT US BRO! :)

    Its been a great start to 2015!