Monday, January 26, 2015

CSM Minutes: A New Concept

Back in December of 2013 I wrote that the CSM minutes were a conceptual failure:

But the minutes themselves that come out of the summits are a failure. Not just in execution, but in their conception.
But as long as the concept of the minutes is to provide a blow-by-blow, line-by-line account of a week's worth of meetings, the minutes will always be a failure. The handful of nuggets of useful information that comes from the released minutes are not worth the massive effort required to produce and review them and could be imparted in many other ways without the same overhead.
Since then we saw a marked improvement in the release time of the summer minutes at a cost of increased manpower, and then a radical change in the format this winter session to release the minutes each day of the summit.

Not to denigrate CCP Logibro's efforts at being the scribe for 4 days of intensive busy meetings, the resulting minutes are less work intensive as they provide less "blow-by-blow, line-by-line" accounting of the meetings' activities. I believe this trade off of detail for speed is worth it as a faster turnaround means that CSM have the meetings fresh in their minds the week after a summit to answer questions or issue clarifications than they would have months down the road for the release of more detailed minutes.

The concept of the minutes has changed and that's a good thing.


  1. +1 for new minutes actually being minutes instead of months.

  2. It makes you wonder what took so long way back in 2013, when it took months for minutes to be published.

  3. I so enjoyed complaining about waiting for the CSM meeting minutes - but now I can only complain about how CCP has deprived me of the joy of complaining about waiting for the minutes.