Monday, January 19, 2015

Aideron Robotics Guristas Event Aftermath

Video from Enemy's viewpoint.

So last night we had another special event for Aideron Robotics where we undocked in Fliet with a Guristas themed fleet supported by two Chimera carriers (including your humble author). We had a backbone of Rattlesnakes and Gilas supported by Guristas skinned Ferox and Cormorants, along with Scorpions and miscellaneous other ships. Here are some pretty images:

Ultimately there was a lot of fleets around, a friendly Gal Mil fleet, a hostile Cal Mil fleet, Overload Everything, Psychotic Tendencies, Spectre Fleet, EVE Uni, .... if I missed you shout in the comments and I'll edit the post! 

Our fleet capped at 55 pilot and we were overpowered by enemies in Navy Armageddons, Absolutions, Guardians, and two triage Archons (hopefully bought from Ninveah Enterprises!). It was not a long fight and I was last Aideron on field as the Psychotic Tendencies fleet repped me for a while to control the grid and perhaps the killmail. Seeing what they were doing, I offered shield reps in local and gave them a boost before I died. 

We mostly had a good time and learned a lot about where we need to improve to hold our own against the big players in the neighbourhood. Thanks to everyone who came out and contributed to the carnage.

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