Monday, December 22, 2014

Show Of Force

In order to celebrate joining our illustrious corporation Aideron Robotics, Blake Armitage of K162space blog decided to throw a couple Rorquals into an event we were calling Operation Rorqual Rescue.

Basically we took a fleet all the way to the ass end of The Citadel region to the Hasama system, jumped two Rorquals in, and then roamed with the capitals back to Old Man Star in Essence region including a drive by through Tama.

And excepting a few frigs that shadowed us no one bothered us for the tour through low sec with multi-billion ISK industrial capitals in tow. Which was surprising, we were expecting to get hotdropped or at least harassed by someone looking for those Rorqual killmails.

Probably had something to do with our fleet of 23+ of these:

Supported by about 9 of these:

And a handful of these:
As well as a handful of other ships.

All told our fleet numbered about 60 pilots including the two Rorquals and I don't know about you, but I'd be nervous facing off against that with anything short of a full on capital deployment. It was a show of force and no one was prepared at short notice to take us up on it last night.

So Blake's Rorquals made it home safely and no insurance fraud was perpetrated.

At least, not yet.

But maybe the next Bring Me The Head of Kirith Kodachi will have some guest stars...

UPDATE: Screenshots here at k162 blog.


  1. We had eyes on you but sadly had to defend a POS that was RF'd the day before :(

  2. I see you guys use Slack too!