Thursday, December 11, 2014

Land Rush

Caroline's Star appears to be in Jove space. In three regions of Jove space, previously inaccessible by players, the stargates have been almost completely removed. The latest mysterious actions by Sleepers, Sansha's Nation, and the strange artifacts appearing in space with apparently degrading cloaks suggests that the Jove are going if not gone and that soon there will be a new land rush.

The smart money is betting on that the much heralded "new space" that players will be building stargates to is the Jove regions that are now probably unoccupied, or at least occupied by Sansha's and/or Sleepers.

I'm not so sure.
Much like the 101 new Shattered Systems are an extension of wormhole space with unique properties, I suspect that players will be able to build stargates to Jove space eventually and start to colonize that area, perhaps with a mix of known space and wormhole space mechanics. No local, but cynos can be lit. Special systems with effects and moon mining. Etc. But like the Shattered systems, there is not enough there to represent a long term expansion to the game as a whole. For example, wormholes expanded the game back in Apocrypha in a large scale that allowed hundreds if not thousands of players to carve a new playstyle. Simply put, 101 Shattered systems will not do that, nor will 2-3 regions of Jove space; it would simply be integrated into the large systems in a relatively short time.

No, I suspect that we are seeing a purposeful and graceful expansion of current space and the Jove systems will play into that plan, but the end goal of the road we started in Rubicon is beyond Jove, beyond wormholes and the Shattered Systems. New space, real and expansive new space, is still coming.

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Crystal Ball Prediction Time:

Players will find a way into Jove space, probably via wormholes, possibly with new technology to make jumps or stargates. I suspect the partially cloaked Unidentified Objects we are seeing in space from the Rhea release will play a part in getting us there eventually. In there we will start to find the components and techs we need to make the next jump to the new space which will be much larger than a couple regions. Think wormhole space big at least.

Brace Yourself.


  1. While I can see that, do we need that many new regions when we're struggling with so many empty null-sec regions? I really hope they don't go too far down that road until the new sov mechanics hit - hopefully with the result of drastically reducing space empires to the point of space fiefdoms.

    I like the idea, but I'm very worried that we'll just end up with even larger gaps with no one in it.

  2. Anonymous7:40 pm

    By the way, Caroline's star has changed its shape, where previously it was almost a cross, now the "arms" are much smaller and there appears to be something almost diffuse surrounding the central point.

    What that signifies I have no idea, but it puts me in mind of a propulsion system where the ship has done a 180 and the main drive is now being used to slow the craft down...

    1. Anonymous4:22 am

      Since further changes, it actually looks more like a new born solar system still coalescing into planetary formations, and from an edge on perspective. A new nebula with a host of systems instead?

  3. One low-probability scenario I see is that CCP has a multi-year push to get us out of ALL of New Eden, and pushes us into the new space, with the new mechanics/rules etc. Maybe the sleepers will be too powerful for us and the new player built gates will be the escape route we're all forced to take.

    It seems very, very unlikely though, that CCP would do that; it'd be a big risk.