Monday, November 17, 2014

Pod and Planet Fiction Contest

The annual Pod and Planet fiction contest is once again upon us!

As it sounds, it's a fiction writing contest, for stories based on EVE. The stories can be set in the rich world of the New Eden milieu, or in the background of the interactive game world. Your choice-- write, create, sharpen up your story-telling skills, and maybe win a nice prize.

This will be the third one of these in three years. Check out the Reading Bank page for links to the 165 tales the EVE community produced in the first two contests. There was some surprisingly good stuff. By pro writers, regular writers, and people writing fiction for the first time ever. We have some really intelligent and talented people playing this game.
There are 32 billion ISK worth of prizes including a 4 billion ISK top prize. My entry from last year is called The Life of Nina Cruse and while I'm really proud of that piece I was quite bummed when it didn't even register in the honourable mentions for its category. I talked to one of the judges and I suspect that my liberties with the neural transfer technology might have rubbed some of the lore master judges the wrong way in the category that was meant for fiction true to the lore.

No matter, its a new year and a new contest and I plan to enter again! If you have a writer hiding in you I hope you enter too. You have until December 3rd.

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