Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Google Analytics Site Report For Ovtober

I don't blog for the page hits, but Google Analytics likes to send an email every month telling me how unpopular my blog is anyways. I thought I would share this time.

 4500 visitors in a month? Not too shabby. Over a hundred a day if I do my math right?

 Shout out to my American friends and neighbours! That's right, neighboUrs!

 Where are all you unique visitors coming from?! Well, welcome to the blog anyways!

I don't know what's funnier, that I got two visits because of warhammer minis I have not touched in 6 years except to sell them, or another hit was "a person throwing another..." under a bus. That's right, come here for the best technique on taking someone by the scruff of the neck and throwing them under a bus.

 I wonder if they want me to sign up for Adwords?

 Huge shoutout to my favourite CSM Sugar Kyle for the blog referrals. And Ripard, I still miss your blog and I know I'm not alone.

That's right! Get out!


  1. It is cool that making my life easier is helpful to you. :)

  2. Well I visit every day and sometimes I leave it up and running for a loooong time, so I must be totally wankering your average... maybe I shouldn't have said that...

  3. Just do a post with the title "Blood Elf Porn" and you're golden, I swear. Or maybe "Amarr Slave Porn" if you want to stay more on topic.

    Yeah, Sugar Kyle's blog quickly became a traffic source for my blog as well when I got on her blogroll (despite my not being an all EVE all the time blogger).

    I hope I sent you a bit of traffic as well. Damn doesn't have a blogroll widget half as awesome as the Blogger version.

  4. Sadly, this blog, Sugar's, and Wilhelm's sites are three that I can no longer browse to from work. (filter system decided that these blogs are game - related, and therefore off limits) So I can only get here from home, where I am far more likely to be interrupted.