Thursday, October 16, 2014

I Am Secretly CCP Fozzie

OK, that title is not true but somedays it feels like he is stealing ideas from my head!

Check out the latest dev post about Stealth Bombers and this tidbit here:

New Anti-Capital Void Bomb:
This is the first toe dipped in the water for smaller AoE (and therefore more aiming required) dumb weapons, which we think have a lot of potential in the future. It's a void bomb with the following stats:
Armor HP: 600
Explosion Radius: 4000
Energy Neut Amount: 15,000
Flight Time: 15s
Velocity: 2000m/s
AoE Range: One Meter
This thing is most useful against very large ships, and has to detonate right on top of a target to have any effect. We don't expect it to take the world by storm but it should be a very good option for harassing capitals, especially with small numbers of bombers.
And now compare that to an idea I posted about in March of 2013:
5) Super Void Bombs
Currently Void bombs take away 1800 GJ of capacitor. Considering a Wyvern starts with 63750 GJ this weapon is nothing more than a light show. Change them to a percentage of cap neutralized, say... 75%? This would be crippling to cap fleets and subcap fleets and would be a viable weapon to countering them without taking much effort.
Now I realize that my posted idea is different from CCP Fozzie's idea but the end result is the same: an anti-capital weapon that allows a young pilot in a stealth bomber affect a veteran pilot in a capital or super capital. Unfortunately, you still can't use bombs in low sec so I don't foresee adding a stealth bomber to my hanger any time soon. 

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