Monday, October 06, 2014

AAR: The Art of Exploding Gracefully

We were in a large Enyo fleet backed by Navitas logistics suppport and a number of ewar and tackle ships in support. Roaming the warzone looking for trouble, we finally found something of a challenge when a Razor fleet appeared in Muninns and Scythe/Scimitar support.

We decided to try and take the fight by setting up in a medium plex and letting them come to us. The plan was to primary the Scythes and then Scimitars while keeping the Muniin's tackled so they could not make range as much as possible. The Razor fleet warped into us and we put the plan in action, taking down two Scythes quickly. But then the Muninns got the range they needed and Enyos started popping in two volleys as the logi could not react fast enough.

Our DPS depleted rapidly and the Razor logistics started to hold and our fate was sealed as a Cal Mil fleet in Merlins warped in to join the fun. The order was given to warp off and we took that battle on the chin, 8 Enyos and a number of other ships lost to just two Scythes killed. Nicely done, Razor.

In hindsight our Enyo fleet doctrine is poorly matched against the arty Muninn doctrine, not enough raw EHP to survive the volleys long enough for significant reps to help. Our Rogue Squadron doctrine would have been better suited.

We reshipped into Vexors and Exequrors and went looking for trouble with Razor again but it appeared they were content with spanking us once and had docked up. I logged off as it looked like the action was over for the night but I got told this morning our fleet ran into a Cal Mil 20 minuts after I logged off and had an awesome winning fight including killing a Loki, Vulture, and Sleipnir. Dammit!
I miss all the fun.


  1. It sounds like you guys did exactly as you should... try to get on top of the fleet and keep them from pulling range. This is one of those, "We ran smack into the meta" situations. Null fleets tend to deal damage at very long optimals through very heavy positioning and keep logi far enough away (and have enough of them) that the damage dealers can pop anything getting too close to the logi. From what I've seen, faction warfare seems to prefer brawlers. The result tends to be all in who can acquire and maintain position.

    I also missed the fun (logged in two minutes - literally! - after your engagement), but thanks for bringing it!

  2. Al the good stuff happens right before or right after you log in/and or off. I just try to get used to it as much as I possibly can.

  3. Video here, featuring several blunders by me :)

    I'll be posting on my blog too, with a list of the errors made; learn from my mistakes!

    1. This video is from the fight Kirith missed, not the Enyo fight.