Thursday, August 28, 2014

Project Vulcan - Rolling out the Archons

So time for a little update for little Archon building adventure.

I've built 17 Archons, sold 16 of them for an average profit of 300 million ISK. My next Archon sale should put me over 5 billion ISK profit before blueprint expenditures. I'm producing an Archon every 6 days so my average per month profit is about 1.5 billion.

I was going to use the capital I've made to expand into another line of capitals but my old Orca partner came back to the game and I have to return to him 11 BPOs, 6 of which I was using in my Archon line. I replaced 5 of them with my reserves and I plan to replace the last one soon. Then I can build up towards my next capital production line.

The station costs introduced in Crius have not impacted me significantly; basically I'm seeing a loss of about 2% profit per sale. However the increased mineral requirements have made logistics slightly more difficult and have me investigating mineral compression benefits.

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