Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tank Tuesday : A Funny Story

* * * * *

So one of the twins, Twin B we'll call him, loves himself some World of Warplanes right now and is not half bad at playing in matches. I have a second account set up for him to use so I can play World of Tanks on one machine while he plays World of Warplanes on another.

* * * * *

On my account, I have about 1700 gold saved up from last year when I was playing a lot and bought some. I've been using it periodically for miscellaneous purposes such as getting new crew at 100% when I buy a tank or removing specialized equipment when selling an old tank. As I got closer to unlocking the Panther II medium tank, I was considering splurging and converting some of it to credits to afford the beast. Possibilities.

* * * * *

My youngest son, who we'll call K, also likes gaming. He's two years younger than the twins (i.e. twins are 6, little bro is 4) and has recently decided to try World of Warplanes like his big brother. I don't let him play much because, at 4, he's not that good, but letting him bomb around with the mouse in tier I and II matches is not a big deal. I let him use my account since his brother is using the spare account already (and thinks of it as 'his account' with 'his planes').

* * * * *

I showed Twin B how to tell if he can buy planes by looking at the number of available hanger slots and how to filter in the store to researched and affordable planes. He likes to manage his own garage and since there is no real money invested on that account, I'm fine to let him do what he wants with minor guidance from me.

* * * * *

You don't have separate World of Tanks and World of Warplanes accounts. You have a Wargaming.net account and use the same credentials to log into either game (and World of Warships will be using the same thing when it goes live). The upshot of this design is that any gold you have to use in World of Tanks is also available in World of Warplanes for use there.

* * * * *

You see where this is going, right?

* * * * *

There I was, playing some World of Tanks while Twin B was playing World of Warplanes beside me. K comes down and wants to play too, so I relinquish my seat and log into World of Warplanes on my computer for K and he happily starts to play. I sit down beside them and pull out my phone for some Bubble Burst.

At this point Twin A, hereto unmentioned in this story as he's not a big World of Tanks/Warplanes fanatic, calls for help from another room with a Pocket Minecraft issue on his tablet. I go to assist him and while I'm gone Twin B decides to buy a new plane. K sees this and decides he wants to buy a new play too! He knows how to select a plane and how to queue up for the next battle but he does not know how to buy a new plane. But big brother Twin B is there to help and gladly shows him what to click on to bring up the store.

I come back a few minutes later and K proudly proclaims, "Look daddy! I bought a new plane!"

"Oh, that's nice dear."

... wait-a-minute...

Sure enough, he bought a premium plane with my carefully hoarded gold. I went from 1700 gold to 300.

Yeah, its only about $8 worth of gold but I was nursing that stockpile for so long! I had dreams for that gold, I tell you, designs, plans, ambitions! And all lost with a click of a four year old's mouse button.


  1. Anonymous3:23 pm

    Oh lord, 1400 gold...that means he bought the Miles M.20 didn't he? Of all the premiums to buy, he bought the most underpowered and difficult to fly lol. My 9 year old has an account and enjoys playing artillery in Tanks and bombing in Planes.

    1. I received the gift! Thank you so very much! Dreams rekindled :)

    2. Anonymous12:33 pm

      You're welcome, enjoy!