Friday, July 11, 2014


A lot of comments on yesterday's post about my freighter getting ganked in high sec centered around why was I doing it in the first place? Why was I not using courier contracts, or jumping in a jump freighter with compressed ore from the jita undock? Why was I autopiloting? Etc, etc, etc...

The truth? Mostly inertia is why I do the things I do for my projects.

I started almost 8 years ago. Eight fracking years... and back then there was no fear of constant suicide ganks, there was no reliable courier services, and there were no jump freighters. There were no catalyst gank fleets so efficient at ganking, nor even attack battlecruisers, you had to use battleships which made frieghter ganking all but the most lucrative targets unprofitable.

So you loaded stuff up in your freighter and as long as you weren't carrying expensive cargo you were pretty safe. And thus I've autopiloted through high sec for years in my freighters, Orcas, and industrials. It worked for me way back then so why change?

Of course, my inertia has now cost me and I've begun investigating some of the suggestions provided to adjust to the new reality. In all honesty, a quick look at the Red Frog Freight website has shown some reasonable prices and I am going to look into that option for my enterprise.

A costly learning experience, but learning is what we do in EVE. Constantly.


  1. This happened to me a well a while ago. What I assumed was a safe amount to move around in my freighter (hand been doing the same thing for years) turned out to be wrong. My freighter was killed by about 20 gank catalysts. I thought the profitable gank point was between 2.5-3 bil. 20 T2 gank catalysts only cost 200 mil (give or take).
    So I never bothered replacing the freighter and just use the courier services for large loads and blockade runners for smaller stuff.

  2. Also don't forget PushX. Nothing against Red Frog, but I do so hate monopolies :)