Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Bring Me The Head of Kirith Kodachi 3 - Aftermath

Things did not go quite as planned.

When I told my corporation, Aideron Robotics, that I wanted to do this event they immediately suggested a defense fleet. Being aware of the serious firepower I saw at Bring Me The Head of Kirith Kodachi 2 (like a Rooks and Kings battleship fleet) I made sure I stressed that our small corp would probably be overwhelmed by the opposition, and that was assuming there was no hot drop by a capital or super capital fleet. And then when Phyridean suggested he had a Chimera to burn as well, I thought for sure we would attract a capital drop for sure.

So we planned big: carriers with multiple fits for repping or tanking with triage, and a destined for death shield Vexor Navy Issue defense fleet for offense. But instead of at most ten pilots in VNIs as I was expecting, our corp got very excited and we fielded ~25 VNIs and a wing of support frigates and destroyers. Including our two carriers, the fleet was 39 pilots, impressively large for our small corporation.

And let's be clear: we expected to get stomped. Those VNIs and carriers did not expect to survive the night. Hell, we expected to get rolled in the first 20 minutes. There were warnings that Pandemic Legion were preparing a supercarrier hot drop from two sources including a reddit post, and local had over 200 pilots in it when the event got underway 15 minutes late, meaning we were potentially outnumbered by 4 to 1. And surely at least one of those pilots was a cyno ready to go and our two carriers would be perfect targets for such an attack.

We set up in a large faction warfare plex to at least dissuade a potential hot drop a little bit, and the fighting began. We fought in the Large plex until we accidentally ran the timer down to completion, and then moved to the gate of a medium plex. We saw a Cormorant fleet, a powerful Sniggewaffe Caracal fleet, a Rupture fleet, and miscellaneous smaller groups and solo pilots, but an overwhelming force did not materialize and we held the field for over an hour. By 10:30 I told Marcel, our FC, that I had to die so we reset and I warped to planet 1 and turned the damage control off. As my shields depleted a Brutix fleet arrived and Marcel, filled with bloodlust at all the carnage so far, brought in an armour fleet to engage them as I was finally destroyed and podded.

Thanks to everyone who came out, I'm planning on contracting the winners their prize ships today when my alt gets to Jita.

Some screenshots, enjoy!


  1. It was a great event, Kirith, thank you for doing it! Now I have two VNIs and 4 Blackbirds in my hangar that are itching to go somewhere and get blown up :)

  2. In one of those screenshots it said you were demoted? What does that mean? I ask out of curiosity and I'm assuming it has something to do with those FW ranks?

    To bad I missed this event, completely forgot that it was going on and I was even logged in... CURSES!!!

  3. Also, holy cow was that a pretty damn epic fight from this related kills link (https://zkillboard.com/related/30004980/201406300200/). Probably doesn't cover ALL the splosions from that day, but wow... ~17bil lost from 'both sides' in low sec. Good job all!

  4. @Marq Aideron: My hobgoblins were out and attacked anyone who attacked me. Some Gal Mil guys came to the event and shot me up and my drones responded in kind, dropping my Gal Mil standings a bit.

  5. There's a youtube video of the event, as well:

    Yeah its a lot of purple boxes shooting a lot of various other color boxes.