Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Faction Warfare Plexes in Kronos - Orbit the Beacon-Beacon

So last night I was in fleet running some plexes with a fleet in Heydieles and discovered that the changes to faction warfare plexes in Kronos were causing me and other some massive confusion at first. So this is a Public Service Announcement for those who are still unaware.

When you first warp into the plex, you'll see the Capture Point which looks like a double circle with a name like "Caldari Medium Outpost" and a beacon which looks like an upside down triangle with a stick on top and a name like "Caldari Medium Outpost" and a type like "Medium Military Beacon".

Previously the beacon was the warp in point and if you were a short ranged brawler waiting for targets you would orbit that point. However, its been moved so that it is right on top of the capture point and its radius expanded to 30 km as it now operates as the cloaking disruptor. If you tell your ship to orbit it at 500m, you will go out to 30.5 km and orbit there.

If you look around in the new plex, you will notice another object called Beacon and type of Beacon. Right click on it and add it to your overview (via "Add Large Collideable Object to overview"). This is now the warp in point and has the expected tiny radius so it can be orbited at 500m as expected.

You can choose to either keep all three up on your overview, or remove the extraneous capture point.

The more you know!


  1. Yes, I was having the same issue last night. My fleet kept telling me that I was 30km away from them, lol.

  2. Completely off topic, but I am starting to dislike that we have "plexes" and "PLEX" in the game. Also "Kronos" is suddenly making me think of the Swedish currency "Krona." It might be time for a lie down.