Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Sunday night I led another Aideron fleet going with my favourite composition right now focusing on Algos destroyers supported by Atrons and Navitases, and a couple miscellaneous like an awesome interceptor pilot and a Maulus. This fleet can take on a lot of different enemy types and score some good kills with few losses.

And as I'm taking this fleet through various engagements, hunts, and evasions I noticed that it really is starting to flow. Not to be melodramatic, but I can feel the fleet and the decisions ahead of me and what to do.

This feeling of confidence has allowed me to reduce my panic episodes and guide the fleet faster and more pointedly. And the kills we rack up feel good as a result.

I still need to hone my skills in some real pitched battles but I'm making progress. It helps to have a fully funcitonal corporation with recruitment and training to fill out the fleets.

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