Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Project Vulcan Update: Finally!

I never claimed to be good at this game.

So my move from Orca production to Archon production hit a snag. Not in the actual production, mind you, although I did have a spreadsheet fail wherein I failed to include an entire row of minerals that sent me scrambling back to market for more supplies, but rather in the selling.

You see, I never thought about he fact that when I run into a market where the Orcas are not moving, I can move to another market, e.g. Amarr, Dodixie, Jita, etc. But for the Archons I naively thought I would just sell where I was building them in Essence region.


See that graph? It shows six months of Archon sales in the region of Essence. I put my Archon up for sale on the day after that last two sold (the light green bars at the far right on the bottom). It took 20 days for the Archon to sell with no competition and at a reasonable price. Considering my maximum turnaround for producing Archons is about 12 days, I don't like that math. I got spoiled by the rate at which I could move Orcas and never properly researched my intended market.

Now, judging by the graph a 20 day gap between sales is not typical, but its not overly unusual. Fact of the matter is, I think I'm going to move base to a busier region and compete rather than slow my production down. I will sell the new Archon that's coming out tonight on the Essence region, but I need to set up somewhere else.

Next step, research!

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