Monday, February 24, 2014

Welcome To The Danger Zone

Last night I was leading a Destroyer/Frigate fleet and we got word that allies in the Gallente Militia were going into a big fight with a rather famous local pirate group called SniggWaffe (training corp for Sniggeredly of Pandemic Legion) who have been living out of Kinakka in the Black Rise region.

We burned a few jumps to help out and jumped into a big fight in Innia with them and our GalMil allies. The Snigg fleet was flying a Thorax cruiser centre coupled with a significant wing of Exequrors as support. We targeted the enemy logi and threw our firepowered combined with our allies firepower and tried to take them down but to no avail. Their reps were spot on and more than enough to compensate for our damage. On the other side, our logi began to go down and the order was given to flee but not before a few of us were taken out.

We took our shattered fleet back to Fliet and after some discussion and communication with the other GalMil FCs, we up-shipped to cruisers using our Rogue Squadron Vexors (excepting Marcel in a Vexor Navy Issue and me in my old Ishtar) with our own wing of Exequrors and headed back for more pew.

We set up on a gate in Eha as our allied fleets had already engaged them and I waited for intel. Local spike, its Snigg. Where are they?

Suddenly a fleet of suspects warps in on us; the Snigg fleet arrived and its Exequrors and Celestises. I'm torn by indecision... should I engage? Wait for them to make a move? What if they jump and our fleet gets split?

Someone calls "point!" and my momentary paralysis is broken. I start calling targets, assigning my drones, locking up Exequrors. Primary, secondary, primary, secondary, overheat, spread points, primary, secondary... Calls of "Logi Jammed!" and broadcasts for armour ring out. I see my shields dip and I hit the broadcast button. Enemy Exequrors are wiped out and I start directing the fleet into the Celestises and its become apparent that we have won this round.

The rest of the enemy warps off and we kill off the stragglers. We lost one friendly, a non-Aideron pilot in our fleet who was in a Stabber Fleet Issue that got primaried and taken off before logi could react. All in all, a good result that could have gone badly had the SniggWaffe fleet still had been in their Thoraxes from earlier.

Good fight Snigg! See you in space.


  1. Hi Kirith, I was one of the logis and, reviewing the video, I was jammed when the SFI was taken out...I presume many (all?) of the other logi were too, given the number of Celestis they had on field. It was a good fight though, feels good to win :)

  2. Hi, Waffle FC here. I'm a bit confused? We took the fight with your Vexor Navys, then got blobbed by Dessies, but still won and held the field? (ignore the UNI Stabbers, that was from earlier).

  3. By which I mean the Dessies warped on us halfway through the engagement.

    1. We were the Destroyer fleet and I mentioned that fight in the second paragraph above. We came back a little while later in Vexors and fought Snigg again.