Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Phase Two Of Fleet Commandeering

On Sunday night I led a fleet for one of my longest stretches yet, almost 2.5 hours. Here's my After Action Report from the Aideron forums:
I logged in last night around 8pm [EST] and started a fleet with Deacon and Cyrus.
We patrolled around Essence and then into Black Rise, picking up pilots as time went on. For a large time we were Atron, Incursus, 2x Tristan, and a Maulus. We mostly had to run from much larger hostile forces or had smaller entities run from us, although when we tried to crash two Merlins and a Worm, we managed to catch the double stabbed Merlin. Rixx Javix would be proud.
The fleet continued to accumulate pilots and got some logi, but there were no targets worth engaging although we picked on a couple of Breachers at one point. Finally I had to log and turned the fleet over to Marcel.
Good: Only one Atron loss to a camping Tornado in Nenna.
Bad: Not enough pew pew
Lessons learned: I felt I did well keeping my cool when trying to avoid numerically superior forces when we lacked the force multipliers to engage, but I think I was too cautious at trying to prevent people from getting picked off in ones in twos when the fleet got bigger. A wider net might have captured more fish.
Overall: Could do better.
Trophies: Cyrus for gamely being my scout a couple times early on :)
I feel I have started to turn a corner from the Nervous Nellie FC to the Calm Cool Collected FC that I want to be. I wish I had more Pew Pew to test my mettle but we'll get there.

I would also like to start moving from T1 Frigs to T1 Destroyers which would give me more engagement opportunities while limiting the plexes we could hide in. We'll see if I'm brave enough for that jump next time.

Goal for 2014: More Fleet Commandeering! With More Pew!

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  1. Good job. I sometimes FC fleets for TEST in FW space so maybe we'll meet and cross swords one day. (My in-game name is Callduron).