Friday, December 20, 2013


When I started building Orcas in my partnership with Ragelle of Manufacturing Confusion I thought I would simply take the profits from the proceeds and reinvest in my BPO library. Seems like a plan, right? And I have bought a few more BPOs for the library but instead of buying new BPOs I didn't have, I bought more Cargo Bay BPOs and another Orca BPO to increase frequency of production. And then I did purchase one new BPO, Cap Construction Parts, to at least make some progress in the full library this year.

However, as I have increased rate of production and number of parts constructed, I found my mineral needs much higher and in order to keep prices down, I needed to acquire minerals at a cheaper price using buy orders and putting orders in out of the way places to get better returns. The end result was that for months profits have been diverted into improving my mineral acquisition chain so that I don't have to wait for an Orca to build and sell before I set up the orders for the next build.

So now I am reaching that comfortable point where I can have two Orcas in production and buy the minerals for the next one. Yay me.

All of this to say, I don't have any money to buy more ships. Its all tied up in the reinvestment! I mean, my enterprise has netted me 2.7 billion ISK profit and I've not seen a dime of it on my combat character.
I have none.

The good news is that I don't need any more ships right now, I've still got a full hanger or two of good combat ships that fit the Aideron doctrines. But with 5 more capital BPOs to acquire just for the Orca library, things could be tight for a while.

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  1. I always have more isk when shutting a project down than when starting one up.

    There is always pi waiting for you:)