Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Growing Pains

So Aideron Robotics has been recruiting and we've added a nice group of new pilots to the roster over the past month. But as with any rapid growth, there are growing pains.

Take last Sunday night, for example.

We've opened up our recruiting to all levels of skill point characters so sometimes when setting up the fleet we have issues of people not being about to fly doctrine ships or not being able to use all the modules on them. This issue will correct over time as the pilots train the appropriate skills, but it does make forming fleets a little more time intensive to find the right combination of ships that everyone can fly properly.

The second and more detrimental problem after you get pilots into ships that form up the fleets, is finding out if they know how to use them. The main damage ships are not usually a big problem, but the specialized roles can sometimes highlight a lack of experience very quickly.

Last Sunday night we tried to take on a very experienced pirate gang in Old Man Star that had cruisers and logistic support. We formed up a nice ~ten man gang with cruisers, 3 Exequrors, a tackle, and a Blackbird to jam out the enemy logi.

Well, our Blackbird pilot was a little new and mis-jammed the primary instead of the enemy logi and we lost that fight with a few cruisers down. No big deal, and afterward we had a breifing to give some points on the finer details of using ECM.

Other experienced Aideron pilots like Kyle Yanowski of High Drag Podcast have been taking pilots into to SISI test server and running classes on advanced piloting techniques that come into play in our particular warzone of New Eden. Overall I hope we get our core competency up so that the next wave of new recruits find themselves surrounded by answers instead of questions.

We're still recruiting if you are looking for a new home in faction warfare on the side of the Gallente. You know, the right side.


  1. Zuschauer3:23 pm

    Your keyboard is broken, you might consider buying a new one.

  2. Anonymous8:49 pm

    One of the things I've tried a time or two in fancy hats has been asking new guys to stick to DPS. It's simple, it's straightforward and it lets them grow while they contribute without making their mistakes the highlight of the fight. It's one thing to bring tackle rather than DPS, but logistics, EWAR, scouts, those people NEED to know what's going on, and being able to bring T1 cruisers and have them contribute doesn't take long.