Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Coming Around On the Algos

When the new Destroyers were released back in the day I was a big fan of the Algos. Then I flew it and had some bad encounters. Disappointed, I left it for fleet doctrine use only and began my love affair with the dual repped Incursus.

Recently, as part of defending Heydieles from the endless hordes of State Protectorate Militia I entered a medium plex and encoutnered a pirate Algos that was on the beacon. I engaged and found myself quiet over my head very quickly. Despite having both reppers running I was reduced to a wreck and so flustered I allowed my pod to get caught too.

So when I ran out of Incursii later, I was forced to plex our base of Heydieles in something else. I picked an Algos and went into a small plex to run the timer down. Then on short scan I picked up a Dramiel, a ship I'm familiar with and fond of.

"Surely," I thought, "he won't come in here unless he has backup. The Algos has the range and tank to deal with him."

But into the plex alone he did come. I locked, webbed, and scrammed him and watched in disbelief as his ship was shredded and no support came.

Quite simply put, the Algos is a scary destroyer for solo frigs. Here's the fit I've been flying:

The railguns give it range to help project its DPS beyond the blaster range common for Gallente ships, and the drone DPS further enhances that projection. And anything foolish enough to get webbed and scrammed faces around 300 DPS and a nice 12K EHP buffer tank to chew through.

All-round solid ship for faction warfare plexes. But I still love my Incursus.

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  1. The FW plexes really breath life into the Destroyer ship class. In open play their sig is big enough they don't survive well against cruisers, battlecruisers maybe even battleships. But in small plexes they are utterly dominant. No frigate does well against a properly set up destroyer, especially not the Algos or the Dragoon.

    We went out on Tuesday in dessies and got a sackful of kills. I personally scored 12 kills including 4 faction frigs and a Hawk. Some kills were solo. I used an Algos, then after it blew up a rocket Corax. 12-1 is a pretty good ratio for a gang of 1-3 players using ships that cost under 15m.