Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summer Vacation Starting

I'll be gone from the internet for the next 6 days, no email, no blogging, no skype. I'm going to where there is no cell phone reception. I'm hoping the shakes from withdrawal pass by the second day.

If I missed anyone's blog banter just fire me an email or comment on the post and I'll add it when I get back. Normal communication will resume next Friday and blogging on Monday the 26th.

Remember: Fear is the Joy Killer! Fly like its your last day in Eve.


  1. Funny since you posted the MTG card since I'm playing one on my iPad on my vacation right now

  2. The shakes from withdrawals takes longer than 2 days. Just got back from a week away, and although I was able to check work e-mail once by standing on a rock in the middle of a lake while touching an aluminum canoe, the feeling that something was missing (kept looking around/moving) was unmistakable.

    I didn't plan on checking mail, but when my sister reported that she got a cell signal at the rock, I had to try.