Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fountain War: Questions

I've been following the Fountain war from a distance on blogs, newssites, and podcasts and some questions have arisen for me that I'm hoping someone has the answers to.

- Technetium is less profitable than prior to Odyssey but its still pretty lucrative. What happened to all those moons Pandemic Legion has up North? Were they given away or taken away by the CFC when PL joined in on TEST's side in the war? If so, when and how? If not, why not?

- If the CFC gain momentum and TEST is on its heels, will PL double down the effort to help TEST or will they just pull up stakes and leave? Or worse turn around and shoot TEST?

- How does TEST feel about having such a mercurial ally? How does CFC feel about it?

- Seeing how CFC reacted to Black Legion's harassing attacks up in the north, including an unprecedented pay off to get Black Legion to let them extract a capital fleet from a station, why haven't TEST and allies done more to send/recruit forces to do more backfield attacks?

- Why have we not heard of seen more of CFC forces hell-camping TEST staging systems? Or vice versa?

- Where are the jump bridge network attacks? Are they occurring and just not being reported? Or are the forces just too well prepared to defend against them?

- Why does this supposed great war seem more like a very big and well organized thunder-dome experiment? Is it that I'm too far removed from the action for the details, or are the details missing?


  1. Anonymous7:43 am

    - What's a null sec?

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  2. Can't answer the first few, but as regards CFC hellcamping TEST, TEST are staging out of Karan, and its hard to hellcamp a lowsec system. And as for jumpbridges, CFC snapped the TEST jb network early, so there is no JB network to speak of

  3. What Shaloran said about hell camping. TEST's fear of just that led them to stage out of low sec.

    Jump bridges require sovereignty and infrastructure up to a certain level, which takes a couple months to achieve, if I read that big on EVElopedia correctly. EI-O0O was the end point for a key jump bridge for TEST. Just knocking their sovereignty out, even when they recaptured it a few hours later, meant that the jump bridge to there is out and cannot be replaced. With the fighting happening mostly in the north of Fountain, that means TEST and pals have to titan bridge in or slow boat to fight.

    The political situation is beyond the grasp of a line member like me. Somebody else calls the targets, I just shoot them.

    There are a lot of small actions going on in the war. Both sides regularly camp jump gates. TEST goes after things in B-D, the CFC staging system. Fleets are out almost constantly shooting SBUs or putting things into reinforce. Stuff is happening. But the war has also seen a lot of big (1000+ ship) battles, which seems to be setting the narrative. If a thousand ships were not there, it isn't news.

  4. Ranamar4:57 pm

    The other commenters (particularly Wilhem Arcturus) have pretty much covered it. The summary from the line member perspective is as follows:
    - There are no JBs anymore. The CFC doesn't have sov enough to put one from J5A to 4-EP, and the B-D bridge network runs back towards VFK. The TEST JBs were basically all burned in the first week, as I understand it. Besides, they picked a lowsec staging system just in case someone might hellcamp them in the first week, so they'd have to get back into null to have a bridge anyway. B-D to J5A is a long gate even by region standards; you can barely titan bridge across it, so everything basically gets deployed by titan or blops bridge out of J5A on the CFC side.
    - The big fights are ... usually ... over big objectives. Sometimes, those objectives are nonobvious things like anchoring a structure, though. Occasionally, a big fight randomly appears when an attempt to severely defeat an opposing force escalates dramatically. Those fights are very much not organized, as you should be able to tell from the reports of how many of them end up happening on unreinforced nodes. Every single one of those has been running in 10% tidi for the entirety of the main engagement. I think it only looks like a thunderdome to you because you were primed to think that way by Shadoo.
    - 100-ship fleets do often camp either the B-D station or the J5A gate. The thing is, the CFC can, without too much trouble, either muster the forces required to run them off or else stay docked and wait for them to have to go home. With siege bomber fleets out most of the time, they're usually already out in action by the time a camp shows up, so it doesn't even slow us down much.
    - I'm no expert, but my impression is that taking PL's tech moons would actually piss PL off and might result in them providing more than capital/super support and Domi fleets for important timers. Meanwhile, I'm pretty sure that N3 is more concerned with ensuring the CFC doesn't get Fountain than they are beating the CFC... The only result I'd expect from a two-front war is more JB transits and a lot of fights over completely irrelevant objectives.

  5. Anonymous6:04 am

    From the moment you take a system, it takes 35 days before a JB can be installed. Sov level 3.