Saturday, June 01, 2013

Loadout Challenge: Amarr or Gallente Bounty Hunter!

Over at Battleclinic Anabaric of So Many Demons blog and Battleclinic community manager is hosting a contest:
Loadout Challenge: Amarr or Gallente Bounty Hunter!
Leave a legacy, help a new player, win prizes
Hunting bounties is dangerous solo work. Often your only backup is luck and skill, and luck just took a vacation. Your mark is good, maybe one of the best, but you know you’re better. Hi-sec, lo-sec, 0.0, it doesn’t matter…you always bring home your prey. For the right price.
It’s time to teach a new player what you know. Put your best Atron or Executioner Bounty Hunter loadout together that a 45-day old player can use. We’re going to clean up New Eden with a fresh crop of Bounty Hunters, and your loadout advice is gonna make that happen.
The Contest:
Post an Executioner or Atron loadout here!. It must be:
Flyable by a character who’s about 45 days old, especially characters who use these packsThe loadout must be 100% flyable within current game mechanics
Must include a rationale explaining how to fly the loadout
Full stats are highly encouraged. Use EFT.
Link your fit back to this thread!

Follow the contest progress on Twitter: #fightsmart #tweetsmart #battleclinic
The Prizes:
First place = THREE 60-day EVE TIMECODES, courtesy BattleClinic Deep Space SupplyTop 3 Runners-up = 1 30-day EVE TIMECODE and 250m ISK
Read more:,176629.0/Loadout-Challenge-Amarr-or-Gallente-Bounty-Hunter.html#ixzz2UxnM63Ed
Check it out!

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