Monday, May 06, 2013

Fiction Friday: Old Times 2.4

* * * * *

The inspection was quick but thorough. I didn't have anything illicit on my ship as I was trying to smuggle someone out, not into the station. Still, I felt nervous as it was obvious this man took his job more seriously than 90% of people in similar situations in the empires. Null sec had changed a lot since I was last here.

When he asked about my purpose for visiting "The Stone", the Obsidian Sword's name for their home station, I answered truthfully about picking up some implants that were on sale for a good price here. I know from experience that a good cover story should be realistic and true and I spent a few hours checking prices on things before settling on some cheap "Zor" implants for sale in the station that I purchased. 

With the inspection done and the station official departed I settled on the couch and checked the station's service list for a selection of places to eat. I didn't want to appear to be in a rush in case someone was observing me and to be honest I wasn't in a hurry to see Jax again after we parted in a very antagonistic manner to put it mildly. Might as well get something to eat.

I selected a restaurant with decent reviews, confirmed the station AI request to transfer the implants to my cargohold, and headed out the door with my ceramic pistol tucked safely in my hidden holster under my coat. This was still null sec after all.

* * * * * 

The meat was lab grown but still cooked well and the vegetables were from a nearby temperate planet with a agricultural colony and had that indescribable "real" taste that plants grown in station hydroponic farms always failed to reproduce. It was expensive, 25 ISK, but worth it.

I was reading my tablet and drinking my wine (Matari vintage, a bit sweeter than I usually liked) when I saw two security guards walk in. My heart started to race and I quickly checked the other exits (door to kitchen, second entryway) were still clear as I eased up in my chair a little. I saw them looking towards me but after a  moment I realized they were looking one table over where woman was sitting eating a salad. 

I sat still as they passed by me and came up behind her.

"Excuse me ma'am, you need to come with us," said one of the guards.

She finished her bite of food, placed the fork down on the table, swallowed, and said "And why should I go with you?"

The second guard, obviously younger and far more nervous, replied, "You've been found out for your spying and are being confined to your quarters until you leave!" He reached out and grabbed her arm roughly. "Now come with- AARRGGG!!!" The knife was a simple dinner utensil but she expertly stabbed it between the padding on the back of his glove and between the bones underneath. The guard let go of her but she did not run, didn't even rise. She picked up her napkin and wiped at her arm where he had grabbed her. The second veteran guard just stood there and sighed. To the younger guard, now swearing and pulling the knife out from the back of his hand, he said, "I told you to take it easy you asshole."

He turned back to the woman and spoke more sternly. "I appreciate by the laws and traditions in place that we are prohibited from hurting you while escort you to your quarters, and my partner here will keep his hands to himself from now on, but do you understand me when I say accidents can happen?"

She sighed, pushed her chair back, and stood up to turn to the guard. "Very well," she finally spoke with an Amarrian accent. "Let us proceed." She pivoted and strode out of the establishment with the security following her more like an honour guard than an arresting detail.

I finished my wine and paid the bill. I'd wasted enough time putting off meeting Jax; it was obviously time to get going.

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