Thursday, May 30, 2013

Favourite Memory

So I'm listening to Declarations of War 50th Episode extravaganza and they are soliciting each other and their "Live studio audience" for favourite memories from their time in Eve. So while listening I tried to decide what my favourite memory was and I had a lot of trouble.

I've been playing Eve since September of 2006 but missed a lot of big events due to my limited time. So big things like the Battle of D-GTMI where the power of CVA and the holders was broken in a one sided battle against AAA, or the battle of LXQ2-T between the Northern Coalition and the Drone Russians which was the largest ever battle in Eve in terms of number of involved pilots, I missed even though I was a member of one of the alliances involved because I just was not logged in that day.

That's not to say I missed out on every big battle. Once in Providence I was part of a fleet of battleships that gave chase and engage with a fleet of Goon Drakes and helped massacre them, and I've seen large capital fleets while in the Northern Coalition go around and reinforce a lot of POSes back in the day.

I did do two big events, the Bring Me The Head of Kirith Kodachi 1 and 2 which were great fun and generated some fond memories, but bigger is not always better.

During my years in m3 Corp we often did small gang stuff and I have some fond memories of going around in my Arazu and plucking juicy targets at suns and gates for the gang to stomp. And during my time in Shadow Cartel I had a few solo roams where I caught something and killed it, always fun. Even in faction warfare I've had some fun times like when I took a Ferox against 6 hostile frigates and a Caracal and won, or when I killed in my Daredevil against a Corax and a Merlin, and that time I was stuck in my Incursus against two Maulus and one made a misclick and allowed me to catch it and eat it alive. Or even more recently when I took on notorious Dark Loci and his friend in a Caracal and Catalyst in my Vexor and won.

I guess what I'm saying is that for me Eve has been a stream of great times and its hard to pick out just one as my favourite. I love this game.


  1. Hehe - BMTHOKK 1 has one of my favorite memories connected with it. In the week afterwards, I almost lost my freighter in hi-sec because I had completely forgotten the killrights people had on me because of that event :)

  2. Anonymous3:33 pm

    I don't think I'll ever forget my first foray into null sec. I wouldn't call it my "favorite" memory, but it was absolutely memorable.