Thursday, April 18, 2013

Skill Training - Next Big Step

The fall of Heydieles back a few months ago revealed a problem in my current strategy of living in the warzone. Despite taking two carrier loads of assembled ships out of my base to the new base, I still had to leave a whack of shit behind locked in the then-Caldari owned station. It wasn't a huge loss as the ships I left behind were ones I rarely used, but it pissed off my OCD to no end knowing that there were assets not consolidated to my current station of operations.

Wait a minute. I just realized I'm an internet spaceship hoarder!

Regardless, when Heydieles came back under Gallente control I got two more carrier loads out to ease my OCD side a little bit, and what's left is mostly unfitted tech II HACs waiting to see what the Fozzie/Rise effect on them is going to be.

The point to this story is that I decided as part of this hassle to try to future-proof me a bit more from being locked out of my assets again. Enter my alt Korannon.

Korannon is my current market/hauling alt. He's been trained in the trifecta of hauling expertise (i.e. Tech II blockade runners and deep space transports, Jump Frieghters , and the Orca) and has considerable buying and selling skills. When I was raising money for my Wyvern he did a lot of station trading for me to raise a few extra billions.

The Jump Freighter skill set includes a lot of the navigation skills that a Carrier would require so I decided to train him up to a Caldari Carrier so that he could do logistics jumps for me in hostile warzone stations, being a neutral and all and not impacted by station ownership in low sec.

I raised money for the two expensive skills remaining, Capital Ships (500 mil) and Caldari Carrier (400 mil) and bought them past week. He still needs Drone Interfacing V as a prerequisite but he's training that right now.

Once he achieves this ship class, he'll be my third character I've trained to capital ships. Dear god, I am insane.

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  1. Yep, 3 chars to capital ships.

    Its ageism thing, for EVE players